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how to?

I will require on most orders a week in advance.

* For a custom cake I will need a week and a half to two weeks so we can come up with the design.

* I  will need to know first the date of the event, size of the cake and also the name of the venue  where the cake will be delivered.

I work from home so  the day of your consultation I will bring  the cake sampler to your preferred location.

* If possible,  please provide images  or pictures so I can have an idea on what you want me to create.  If you already know what you want  this may make the process a bit easier.

* Offering  flavors (  Bridal white [ vanilla ],  almond cake, yellow cake ,chocolate cake, red velvet cake , carrot cake, strawberry cake , oreo cake , Italian cream cake and marble cake .

* A deposit will be require at the time you place your order.